Tomatoes were the first genetically engineered food approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Adiministration.

Peak in the summer.

Look for fragrant, plump, heavy tomatoes with smooth skins. They should should be soft and yielding to touch. Avoid bruises, blemishes, and deep cracks. The size of the tomato does not effect the flavor, texture, or quality.

Keep the tomatoes out of sunlight. Ripen them stem-side down. Once ripe they will keep for a day or two at room temperature. Refrigerate tomatoes in a warm area in your fridge if you need them for longer. (butter compartment)


Beefsteak Tomatoes:  Large round tomatoes commonlyfound in supermarkets. Good for slicing.

Plum tomatoes:  Also known as Roma tomatoes, theseare small and egg-shaped. In general, they are meatier

and less juicy than slicing tomatoes. They are good for cooking.

Cherry Tomatoes:  Cherry: Round and bite-sized. Goodfor salads. They may be red or yellow.

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