Adzuki bean: Very sweet lentil-shaped beans form fine, grasslike sprouts, with a nutty taste and texture.

Alfalfa: Threadlike white sprouts, with tiny green tops and a mild, nutty flavor.

Clover: Look like Alfalfa.

Daikon radish: Upright sprouts have silky stems, leafy tops, and a peppery-hot taste.

Mung bean: Thick white bean sprouts.

Soybean: Larger and more strongly flavored than mung bean sprouts, and a rich source of Protein.


Sprouts should be moist, crisp, and have white roots. They should look and smell clean. Avoid sliminess, discoloration, mold, or a sour smell.

Refrigerate sprouts in the container or loosely packed in plastic bags in the crisper. Keep sprouts for 2 to 5 days.

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