5% of the green peas are marketed fresh while the rest of the crop is canned or frozen. Frozen green peas retain their color, flavor, and nutrients better than canned peas and are much lower in sodium.

Sweet, Garden, English, Sugar snap, Snow, Pea tendrils.

Sweet peas:February through September, Peak in May.
Sugar snap: year-round
Snow: year-round
Pea tendrils: Sprint

Look for firm, glossy, medium sized pods with a slightly velvety feel. Peas should not rattle loosely in the pod. The stem, leaves, and tip should be soft and green. Avoid pods that are puffy, dull, yellowed, or heavily speckled.

Snow peas should be small, shiny and flat. Avoid twisted ones.

Sugar snaps should be bright green, plump, crispy, and firm. Avoid limp or yellowed sugar snaps.

Refrigerate peas in perforated plastic bag for two days.

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