Hamlin: Better for juicing than for eating. Small in size, Hamlins have a very thin skin. Available October through December.

Jaffa: Imported from Israel. Sweet flavor. Available December through Febrauary.

Navel: Large, thick-skinned oranges with a “belly-button” found at their blossom end. Seedless, easy to peel, and easily segmented. Available November through April.

Pineapple: Seedy but very flavorful and juicy. Best for juicing. Available December through February.

Valencia: Smooth, thin skin and an oval or round shape. Good for eating and juicing. Available March through June.

Blood orange: They have a ruby-red color. Available March through May.

Peak October through April.

Choose firm, heavy for their size, evenly shaped, smooth oranges. Smaller ones are sweeter. Avoid bruises and soft spots.

Oranges keep for up to two weeks in the refrigerator. But they keep almost as well at room temperature. They yield more juice at room temperature.

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