About 2,500 apple varieties are grown in the U.S., but just eight of them make up 80% of the U.S. crop.

Purchase apples with smooth, clean, shiny skin and a good color. Avoid dull skin, bruises, and punctures.

In the fridge for up to 4 weeks. Check them often and remove any decayed apples, since one rotten apple can spoil them all.


Braeburn:  aromatic, juicy, crisp, very firm texture.
Snacking, Baking.
Available year round

Fuji:  firm, crisp, tar-edged sweetness.
Holds its temperature well when Baked.
Available year round

Gala:  crisp, sweet, aromatic flesh.
Snacking, Salads
Available year round

Golden Delicious:  mellow, sweet flavor.
All purpose apple. Holds shape well when baked.
Available year round

Granny Smith:  extremely tart, crisp, juicy.
Snacking, Salad, Pies
Available year round

Jonagold:  tangy sweet flavor
Snacking, Baking, Pies
September through May

Jonathan:  juicy, firm yellow flesh
Snacking, Salads, Sauces, Pies
September through May

Pink Lady:  firm, crisp, tangy tart, sweet.
Snackers, Bakers
September through May

Red Delicious:  crunchy, mildly sweet
Snacking, Salads
Available year round

Rome Beauty:  blazingly bright red skin with sweet, slightly juicy flesh
Sauce, Cooking, their flavor grows richer when they’re baked or sautéed.
October through July

Winesap:  firm, crisp, sweet, aromatic.
Snacking, Cooking, Cider.
September through May

York:  crisp, moderately juicy.
October through July

Snacking: Gala, Fuji, Mutsu, Jonathan, Cameo, Golden Delicious, Cortland, Empire, Red Delicious, McIntosh, Braeburn, Winesap, Pink Lady, Sundowner

Pies: Northern Spy, Golden Delicious, Rhode Island Greening, Pippin, Granny Smith, Pink Lady, Gravenstein

Applesauce: Pippin, Rhode Island Greening, McIntosh, Elstar, Cortland, Fuji, Gala, Gravenstein

Baking: Rome, Jonagold, Granny Smith, Pippin, Gala, Braeburn, Northern Spy, Gravenstein, Rhode Island Greening, York Imperial, Cortland, Winesap

Salads: Cortland, Golden Delicious, Empire, Gala, Red Delicious, Fuji, Winesap, Criterion, Pink Lady

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